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KAILANI import/export goods and products with philosophy that deserved to be loved by the customers in the certain market. We believe there are countless customers waiting for new goods and products to buy for their own satisfaction and needs. We are happy to introduce fresh, affordable and attractive goods and products in new markets responding to flexibilities of trends.





Trade Agency


KAILANI import/exports goods and products as an agency to help you to soft-land in the market you have never been. Rather than indiscriminate offers, we only choose and offer competitive and charming goods and products to our buyers as a representative trading agency in Korea.

 We have several customers including wholesalers waiting for you.





Branding & Marketing


KAILANI have expert partners in the business of Branding and Marketing especially in Korea. Successful business requires careful comprehension and thorough analysis of the market in-depth. Through our keen insight about the market trend, we support our customers by gathering and analyzing information pertaining to business trends and market conditions. 

 We love to help your brands and goods seem to be fancy, valuable and droolworthy.