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2015 Founded as Kailani international  

2015 Established a branch in Vietanam

In the cosmetics business, the core business has advanced in Asia, including China, Malaysia and Singapore. In 2015 there was established a branch in Vietnam in 2016 is preparing to enter Malaysia


 - Founded on          2015

 - Represented by   SON KI BUM

 - Key Businesses   Cosmetics 


Selection is always important with your business .

Partner selection is also important. If your in the market to sell the products of Korea we are ready to become your partner.

We are a company that handles cosmetics. We will be able to help by providing the latest trends and popular products in Korea you can have your business thrive.

The meaning of KAILANI in the ancient Greek means of sea and sky. The overseas market through sky and sea by delivering KAILANI products A product that requires globally. We KAILANI International have affordable product With reasonable price.



Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Interest in beauty among people has been a thousand-year trend and this is still skyrocketing in every market around the world. KAILANI seek fine cosmetics and beauty goods for facial skin, hair, body, nails and so on. With powerful partners in Korea, we are good at importing unintroduced brands in our market. From the licensing to the displaying in the shelves in offline shops, we handle everything.


Health Supplements & Wellness foods

For a healthy life, it is necessary to eat the good food and supplements. We have been exporting good food and healthy food in Korea.

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